Accepted no matter what!  That was how Jesus lived his life - and that is what you will find at Rehoboth Christian Reformed Church.  The word Rehoboth actually means 'wide open' and that is what we are.  We are wide open to you and we are wide open to Jesus.  If you are looking for ...

  • a place where you can be listened to while knowing that no one is going to judge you or try to change you.
  • a place where you can hear the teachings of Jesus in a clear and relevant way

                                                                                    ... then we invite you to join us.



Upcoming Sundays at Rehoboth

You are so welcome to join us!


We are not perfect but we do have fun.  And we are good to each other.  Besides that we sing songs, laugh, listen, pray and of course, the best part of all we read the book that God wrote and try to understand how His truth can effect our lives.  


Sunday, October 2 - Morning Worship - Sunday School (age 4 - Grade 4) -  10am  -  This morning Pastor John will continue with the series 'Supernatural'   based from the book of Acts


Sunday, October 9 - Morning Worship - Sunday School (age 4 - Grade 4) - 10 am -   This morning Pastor John will continue with the series 'Supernatural'  based from the book of Acts


Monday October 10 -Thanksgivng Service- 10am  -  Please join us at 10am for a Thanksgiving Service.  Pastor Henry Wildeboer will deliver a message this morning.  



Please note most recent sermons can be heard right here clicking on the  "Listen - Live Streaming" Tab in the top panel Menu!

Meal train for Cornelia and Darrell 



October 20-21 at Liberty Church, Bowmanville



You are invited to join approximately 305,000 leaders around the world at the Global Leadership Summit on October 20 and 21 at Liberty Church in Bowmanville.  The Summit is designed for Christians who are committed to leading a life of impact. 


The Global Leadership Summit is a resource to be leveraged for community transformation. The Summit is not just for full-time ministry staff, but leaders in all sectors of society.



Register early and take advantage of the Early Bird rates!  

Members of Rehoboth, please contact the office for the special HOST Early Bird rate.



  • Have you ever wondered:
  • · Is there more to life than this?
  • · How does it all connect to MY life?
  • · Why does God see so distant?

Or maybe you want to grow in your faith! Or maybe your’re just curious.  Whatever the reason...think about coming to Alpha.  It is not too late to start this session.  Our Alpha sesions are on Tuesday evenings beginning at 6:45 pm. Dinner is served at 7pm and is followed by the Alpha Lesson.   Click on the image to be directed to the Alpha web site and learn more about this program.


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