Seafarers Christmas Parcel Drive 2017  - Please ensure parcels are delivered to the office on or before November 19.   Parcel pick up is Wednesday, November 22.  Boxes and instructions available by the bulletin board beside the office. 


Gate 3:16 Angels - Angels are available for men and women on the wall of the upper landing of the stair well.   The items listed are suggestions for the gift bags.  Please attached the Angel to the bag to identify it as a men’s or women’s.  Bags are due into the office no later than Sunday, December 3.   No cologne or mouthwash please; many of these products contain alcohol. 


Have you ever wondered:

·  Is there more to life than this?

· How does it all connect to MY life?

· Why does God see so distant?

Or maybe you want to grow in your faith! Or maybe your’re just curious.  Whatever the reason...think about coming to Alpha. Our next session will begin in January 2018.


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